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What software does Stanford provide for free?

If you use a Windows PC or a Mac you can get free software including an email tool (Eudora), a web browser (Netscape Communicator), a virus scanner (Norton Anti-Virus) by visiting the Essential Stanford Software Page. It is critical for you to configure your software to work with the university's security system, MacLeland or PC-Leland . You can get general, "how do I use it" software support by visiting ITSS.

Stanford staff members maintain other sites with additional information on how to use Eudora .

Who can help me with a specific problem?

If you are having problems with your computer you can contact HelpSU.

If you have questions about computer technology at Stanford you can also look outside of our department for help. A good place to start looking is the Computer Resource Center. From the CRC you can do many things including posting email questions to university wide technical support or looking for informational classes to help you deal with a problem.

How do I dial to campus with a Modem?

There is excellent documentation available on remote access to Stanford.

How can I learn new software?

Stanford's computer based training program offers classes covering everything from how to use the most common Microsoft products (including eight courses on Word and Excel) through UNIX and advanced database programming. Also, be sure to check the TGIF (Time to Get Information Fast) seminars. They cover topics of general interest and how to deal with everyday computer problems. If you need additional support for UNIX make sure to visit UNIXhelp.

What security issues should I worry about?

General information on the stanford security pack can be found here. Naras, in the statistics department, maintains an excellent site covering all aspects of computing at Stanford. You should review the section on security especially if you are going to use UNIX.

How can I get free access to online journals?

You can get free access to many online research journals by visiting the lane library website.

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